Monday, 3 September 2012

Weekend over, so it's back to the word cruncher.

I confess to being a little disappointed today (or at least my over sensitive, artistic ego is). I asked a number or my friends to subscribe to my blog, this in itself proved difficult as the subscription for this blog is an RSS feed, and some of my friends are technically unsavvy to say the least. Try explaining the wonders of Real Simple Syndication to someone who has trouble with email and you understand my situation. I ended up giving time consuming and confusing IT training on Facebook and, of course, Facebook being the wonderfully interactive tool that it is, it wasn't long before a number of other friends were posting comments like "Yes, I tried and couldn't do it as well, I'm glad I'm not the only one". How come they all get the idea of Facebook, and not RSS? In the end we all decided that it was better not to subscribe but just to read the damn thing.

Anyway, I've decided to use this blog as a sort of warm up to the day's writing and I wanted a kind of support group. The theory being, that if I'm not blogging then I'm not writing. I even said that they didn't have to read it, they just had to hassle me if I stopped doing it. Well, I decided to take this weekend off blogging, expecting to get floods of texts. How many did I get?... none. It seemed obvious to me that when I said don't read it, I meant, read it.

Maybe the real reason that I took the weekend off writing was not a cunning and brilliant piece of reverse psychology (well in my mind anyway), but the fact that I had such a bad hangover that all I was good for was to lie groaning on the couch watching Homes Under The Hammer, and The Heir Hunters (or was it the Paralympics, I can't remember). I just don't know how heaving drinking authors do it. Brendan Behan, I take my hat off to you. On Friday night I had met with an old theatre producer friend of mine at a Soho wine bar. I liked the place, but I'm the first to admit that these days I'm less fussy. I have just three criteria for pubs and wine bars, 1) they must be independently owned, 2) they must have an atmosphere that is the exact opposite to All Bar One or Cafe Nero and 3) they must be unlikely to be frequented with bankers or 20 - 30 somethings who live in Shoreditch. As we were drinking rose on my friends tab, I was cheerfully informed that the top floor was a bondage parlor, and  sitting at the tables outside on the pavement watching the comings and goings of Berwick Street, "this is Soho" I thought to myself. Even being almost taken out by a Westminster Council pavement cleaning vehicle on a regular basis only added to the fun.

Not only did I over consume on the wine front, but the following sleepless night only made matters worse. You see my theatre making friend was very enthusiastic about our ideas for the Royal National Theatre of Fools and kept offering advice support and contacts, saying things like, "You should arrange a meeting with so and so, he doesn't know what he's doing, you could get a good deal out of him." Later in the evening, when the brandy was flowing there was even talk about a small investment. I confess that I'm still not used to people actually liking my work, (remember the 12 subscribers to our mailing list, now 15) and I still react like a teenager. That night my head was spinning with plans to take over the world using absurdist and eccentric comedy. (To my knowledge this is a new idea in world domination, people usually go for bog standard totalitarianism.)

I suppose the internet silence over my blog makes we wonder if there is anyone out there reading this rambling? I hope so, it's fun to write. Oh well, it looks like I'll have to go from 5 days a week to 7, and it's goodbye to rose in Soho wine bars for a while at least.

Mike Raffone is the co founder of the production company howhow along with his fiancé Grisel Tarifa. They hope to open a new performance club The Royal National Theatre of Fools in Peckham in the winter. It will be dedicated to the clown, the absurd and the eccentric. Go to!national-theatre-fools/cozg to subscribe to the monthly newsletter that Mike toiled so hard to create

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